Monday, June 9, 2008

My first paying customer!

So, I'm at an event for Hollywood Heritage, and I had a couple copies of The Monocle and Jimmy Specs for some good friends there. I was giving the book to one of them, and the fellow he was with saw it, really liked it, and wanted a copy. I mentioned that the book had only just been printed, and he asked me if I'd sold any yet. I told him I hadn't; I'd given some away to family, etc., but I personally hadn't sold any (Denis might've sold some, he's our business brains and all that). 

It turns out this gentleman is Will Ryan, who in addition to being a great guy/composer/lyricist/and voice actor for tons of wonderful animated films, also bought the first copy of the first issue of American Splendor, depicted here in the Harvey Pekar story illustrated by Gary & Laura Dumm which comes with the DVD of the film:

And I was pretty happy about that! Here's the link to Will's cool site.

...As far as Denis goes, the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. He may have already fled to Mexico, and is living on the rich spoils of our comic whilst I toil away in obscurity. Thanks a lot Denis, you bastard. I'm keeping the $2.50.

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Denis Faye said...

Yes, I am in Mexico. That $2.50 I've made so far is going a looooooong way down here.